Who we are

The unique Impruneta Cotto, from the most ancient Tuscan tradition

Il Palagio is traditional Cotto Imprunetino, made with a unique clay, strong, lively, resistant, with a warm and unmistakable color.

The products of Il Palagio preserve the taste and beauty of traditional Tuscan architecture, but with an eye to innovation in processes and style. The constant research activity undertaken aims to enhance not only the traditional virtues of Cotto, anti-freezing, hardness, but to improve the aesthetics and taste, as well as the willingness to lend itself to new and more modern use solutions.

Il Palagio has been a flagship brand of the Vivaterra S.p.A. industrial group for 10 years, the largest Cotto Imprunetino production group in the Impruneta area, Valdarno.