Washing, treatment and maintenance

The Cotto Il Palagio requires particularly easy and rapid treatment; some simple attentions allow to obtain an exceptional and lasting result of sure satisfaction.


Wash only once the floor is completely dry (roughly 20-30 days after laying with mortar and 5-10 days after applying with glue, depending on the weather conditions and season).

1) Wet with water and then wash and rub the floor with Buffered Acid for several minutes applying 1 litre to 5 m2. Take care to remove any trace of lime, cement or glue from the tiles.

2) Rinse well until the water remains clear before the floor dries after being cleaned with acid.



The treatment should be started once the floor is dry (it is advisable to let air circulate in the room also in winter to facilitate evaporation of humidity). Proceed as follows:

1) With a sponge or flat brush spread the basic product (1 litre = 20 m2) which serves to impregnate and level.

2) After 24 hours, apply a coat creamy wax (neutral or antiquated) uniformly (1 litre = 8-10 m2). The treatment can be done with neutral wax to obtain a warm colour similar to the original colour of the product or with antiquated wax to obtain a brownish shade reminiscent of old-fashioned leather.
Brush immediately afterwards to spread the product and make it absorb, possibly with a brush polisher.

3) After 48 hours, apply a second protective, anti-dust wax coat. Brush with polisher.

N. B. When applying the Base or Wax, it is advisable to suspend the treatment along the joins (that is, do not leave parts of tiles untreated).



The floor then requires no further treatment; periodically, depending on wear, one can use maintenance wax on the market.
For routine cleaning, simply wash with water.
Every 3-4 weeks, one can pass a brush polisher over the floor once it has been cleaned, giving it new life and enhancing its beauty.