The new Il Palagio website is online


The best Cotto Impruneta can be seen, touched and lived online

Il Palagio is online with a website completely renewed in design and functionality. Ample space for images, which allow you to almost touch the beauty of Il Palagio products and see in detail, thanks to the excellent quality of the design, all the nuances of Impruneta terracotta. Collections and environments can be easily consulted, to present the entire wide range of products in a simple, immediate and functional way.
This first release offers a complete overview of the production, then additional versions will be released with advanced features, to allow the user to really choose their own product, with the help of the latest web technologies. The site can be easily consulted even from mobile devices, with a dedicated layout that makes browsing effective and simple.
And to get in touch with the company, the site offers the possibility to fill in the appropriate form directly: a simple, immediate, fast way to be close to its customers.